HackNJIT 2020, Information Coming Soon!

When: November 7th-8th

Where: Online!

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Registration for HackNJIT 2020 is now open! Click HERE to register


What's HackNJIT?

HackNJIT is a 24-hour hackathon at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, run by its ACM student chapter (about us: njit.acm.org) in conjunction with the Ying Wu College of Computing. Students break into small teams of up to 4, work together over 24 hours to create a tech project, and at the end present it to our judges!

When and where is HackNJIT?

We'll be announcing the "when" real soon, but we're pleased to announce that HackNJIT 2020 will be an online event!

Who can sign up to compete?

Any undergraduate or graduate student at any college in the US, or any recent (within 6 months) graduate from a college, may register. Additionally, any current high school student who is 16 years old or older may also register.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! Top teams are awarded a variety of prizes, including cash prizes from NJIT and special prizes from sponsors. This year, the overall 1st place team will be awarded $1,500, the 2nd place team will be awarded $1,000, and the 3rd place will be awarded $500.

How big is HackNJIT?

Each year, 400-500 students attend HackNJIT!

Do I have to pay to compete in HackNJIT?

Nope! There’s no fee to sign up or to attend.

Do I have to register as a team?

No! You're welcome to register with your friends and compete with a team, but you can also register by yourself and find a team at the event.

How many students do you accept each year?

As many students as apply! At this time, we do not accept/reject students on the basis of their registration.

Can I use any of my old projects?

NO! The point of a hackathon is to build something original in a short time frame. That said, you are allowed to use open-source frameworks and third-party APIs, with proper citations of course.

What should I bring?

Bring a form of identification, and whatever you need to hack. This includes your laptop, your charger, and any hardware you'll need for your project. Note that we'll be running a hardware table, so you can borrow hardware (Pis, Arduinos, sensors, etc.) from us at any time during the event.

What shouldn't I bring?

We ask that you not bring your desktop or any other non-portable hardware to HackNJIT, as that will make it difficult for us to rearrange tables for judging, meals, and events. Of course, weapons, firearms, alcohol, and illegal drugs are strictly forbidden. If you can't take it on a flight, you can't take it to HackNJIT!

You guys haven’t answered my question.

If you still have questions, or want more information, feel free to email us at njitacm@gmail.com, or you can tweet us @HackNJIT.

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